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Business Liability Insurance

We provide expert coverage for business big and small in the Tri-State area from our offices in Southampton, PA, Bucks County, and Turnersville, NJ, Gloucester County. It’s our job to make sure you have the proper coverage for your business type at the best possible price. We will customize a plan for the following types of coverage:

• Property • Liability • Umbrella • Auto • Worker's Compensation
• Employer’s Liability • Surety Bonds • Professional • Specialty Lines

Contact us today for an affordable and reliable commercial insurance quote tailored to your specific needs.

Commercial Package Policy

We enjoy reducing costs for commercial line manufacturers and wholesalers with specially designed Commercial Package Policies (CPP). A CPP is a customized package of two or more types of coverage which may include; commercial property, commercial general liability, commercial auto, inland marine, and equipment breakdown. The package is customized for your particular risks and only includes those coverages chosen by you.

Business Owners Policy (BOP)

A BOP is a packaged policy that covers major property exposures, liability exposures and business interruption costs. Usually a BOP does not cover worker’s compensation, health and life insurance, damage from floods or earthquakes, vehicle insurance and specialized liability risks. We work with you to determine the best coverage for your business to limit your losses while saving you the most money on your policy.

Small Business Insurance Specialist

At W. Bruce Beaton Company, we write insurance for small businesses. Whether it’s general liability, workmens compensation, professional liability insurance, a BOP or CPP, we assess your risks and create a customized business insurance plan to suit your specific needs and coverages. We work with many types of businesses, such as printers, machine shops, medical and attorney's offices as well as artisan contractors such as plumbers, masons, carpenters, and electricians.

Reaching out to us from Philadelphia, Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, and Chester County in PA and Camden County, Salem County, Gloucester County, Mercer, Burlington and Cape May counties in NJ, we have provided many of the businesses you see everyday with affordable and reliable insurance plans.


Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Are you familiar with all of the Worker’s Compensation insurance requirements for your business type and size in your particular state? Get the right coverage for your business and take care of your employees if the unexpected happens. At W. Bruce Beaton, we will evaluate your risks and provide you with a competitively priced workers compensation plan that is tailored to your particular needs.


Inland Marine Insurance

Although an odd name, Inland marine insurance may be insurance that you need to include in your insurance plan for your business. It covers property in transit and other people's property on your premises.

If you repair, service, or clean the property of others on your premises; and/or transport those valuables, including data, you may need inland marine insurance. Goods included may be: computer equipment and data, accounts receivable, fine artwork, buildings under construction, dry-cleaned apparel, contractor’s tools and equipment. Most property policies limit or exclude coverage for these items. Contact us and we can determine if you are covered.


Life Insurance

We at W. Bruce Beaton Company understand Life Insurance and what would work for you.
If you would like a proposal for life insurance feel free to contact our office. Our staff will enjoy talking with you to set up the program, if its term Insurance, whole life, or even our return of premium on your term Insurance. We will have the plan for you. For more information, see our personal life insurance page or contact us.

Builder's Risk

This is a property coverage that provides protection for either the owner or the builders during the phase of construction. Some policies will also include storage of equipment on premises until accepted or installed. This coverage can be provided for new construction or even renovation. This is an important coverage to consider.


Serving families, individuals and businesses in the following regions including: Philadelphia, Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, and Chester County in PA and Camden County, Salem County, Gloucester County, Mercer, Burlington and Cape May counties in NJ and many more!